Red Roo's Amazing Athletes

“With a swag of national titles, Red Roo Sport’s irrepressible basketballers are working hard to be considered for athletic scholarships in the United States. Red Roo Sports director James Kerr, who mentors these young men, believes if they were based in the US, the majority of players would stand a very good chance of playing at a collegiate level. They’re amazing athletes and great young men who understand how to win and the discipline that it takes.”  Mr Kerr said. Extract from the Berwick News

Red Roo Sports Management - Our Philosophy

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Australia

Our objective at Red Roo Sports Management is to inspire positive academic, physical, and moral growth in every individual. In order to achieve this we strive to assist each person with taking ownership of their lives and developing the tools required to succeed in the most demanding game of all….life.

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Los Angeles, California

Red Roo Sports Management was formed on the building blocks of loyalty, trust, passion and commitment. We believe that dedicated hard work, combined with natural ability, will give the individuals in our program the best possible chance to truly be all that they can be.

Red Roo Players in the USA

Red Roo Sports is proudly following the careers of a number of  players that have been through the Red Roo program and are currently following basketball careers in the USA. We wish them every success.

Daniel Akuei

Daniel is currently with the University of West Florida Argonauts.

Yuot Gai

Yuot is with the South Plains College Texans.

Michael Jok

Michael has recently signed to play at Dawson Community College next season.

Red Roo in Action

Coach House Diary
Allstars with Luoi Deng
2016 National Champions

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